Rewards Blockchain Pallet


The rewards pallet is responsible for the logic of parameterizing and depositing block rewards to validators and the stake rewards vault. The stake rewards vault is a storage value of the rewards balance that is rewarded to peers on each epoch.


  • IncreaseStakeVault: The function to set and increase the balance of the stake vault in the Network Pallet.

  • HalvingInterval: A constant of how many blocks are in each halving event.

  • InitialBlockSubsidy: The initial reward per block which the halvening interval equates from.

  • FindAuthor: A trait for finding the author of a block header based on the PreRuntime digests contained within it.


The following is a near replication of the Bitcoin block subsidy mechanics.


  • block_number: The block height for which we want to calculate the subsidy.

  • T::HalvingInterval::get(): The halving interval retrieved from the runtime configuration.

  • T::InitialBlockSubsidy::get(): The initial block subsidy retrieved from the runtime configuration.

  • BalanceOf<T>: The balance type for the runtime module T.

  1. Retrieve the halving interval from the runtime configuration

    • halving_interval: u32 = T::HalvingInterval::get()

  2. Convert the block number to a u64 value

    • block_num_as_u64: u64 = TryInto::try_into(block_number).ok().expect("fn get_block_subsidy block_num_as_u64 Err.");

  3. Calculate the number of halvings that have occurred by dividing the block number by the halving interval

    • halvings: u64 = block_num_as_u64 / halving_interval as u64

  4. If the number of halvings exceeds or equals 64, return zero subsidy

    • if halvings >= 64 { return (0 as u128).saturated_into::<BalanceOf<T>>(); }

  5. Otherwise, calculate the block subsidy:

    • a. Retrieve the initial block subsidy from the runtime configuration

      • initial_block_subsidy: u128 = T::InitialBlockSubsidy::get();

    • b. Right shift the initial subsidy based on the number of halvings

      • initial_block_subsidy >>= halvings;

    • c. Convert the calculated block subsidy to BalanceOf

      • block_subsidy: BalanceOf = initial_block_subsidy.saturated_into::<BalanceOf>();

  6. Return the calculated block subsidy

    • block_subsidy

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