There are endless opportunities for developers to build within the Hypertensor economy. Here are a few examples:


The first Hypertensor subnet is Petals Tensor. Developers are welcome to build their own protocols that implement peer-to-peer subnets to interface with Hypertensor.

A subnet can be built for many use cases and is not limited to artificial intelligence. A subnet can be built in any language and can even utilize its own blockchain technology.

Liquid Staking

As we transition into mainnet, we plan on implementing a NPoS mechanism. Developers are welcome to build liquid staking protocols for the Hypertensor Blockchain.

Liquidity Pools

Users are free to create liquidity pools across all decentralized exchanges.

Physical Desktop Peer Validator Rigs

Sell plug-and-play desktop model validators.

Layer 2

The Hypertensor Blockchain is a Layer 1 blockchain that other blockchains can tap into through customized peer-to-peer subnets.

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