Contribute to Hypertensor

The Hypetensor blockchain and Petals Tensor are open-sourced repositories.

How to contribute

  1. Get other developers interested in Discord.

  2. Fork the repository.

  3. Add test cases for the update.

  4. Announce the update in Discord or make an issue in the Github repository or both.

Any ways to make logic more efficient, faster, or general improvements are encouraged.

What We're Looking For

Petals Tensor

  • Memory Efficiency

  • Peer Validation

    • Form consensus for new peers before a peer can enter the DHT.

      • Is the peer a Hypertensor user, has balance, and enough to stake?

      • Validate peer parameters as correct, such as throughput, tokens/s, etc. using consensus through multiple peers.

      • Is IP address qualified?

  • Data Validation

  • Reporting Mechanism

    • A reporting mechanism for reporting dishonest peers qualified by fishermen/accountants.

    • Once reported, all peers check dishonesty, validate, and consensus is formed.

  • Event Triggers

    • Trigger events that other peers can validate, such as when a peer enters the DHT, have other peers validate data.

    • Removal of peers when removed from Hypertensor Blockchain.

  • Immutable Ledger

    • Incorporate an immutable ledger into Petals Tensor as a standard for all subnets.

    • Incentivized data validators

  • Multiprocessing

Writing Documentation

You can write content for the documentation.


An analytics platform for viewing statistics about subnets, staking, rewards, APR, blocks, and other features.

Chat Bot UI

A chatbot interface for integrating subnets built in React with features similar to OpenAI's Chat GPT interface.

Cross-Chain Swaps

As a preliminary measurement until a highly established decentralized atomic swapping platform integrates Hypertensor, we will develop a bidirectional cross-chain swap protocol between Ethereum and Hypertensor. Any developers with cross-chain and atomic swap development experience can contribute to building this alongside us.


Create Hypertensor graphics for social media content.


Find a bug, and get rewarded!

We are working on a Bug Bounty Program for the following versions of testnet.

For the current version of testnet, we will reward bugs found based on severity in either a stablecoin or the token itself. All decisions are at the team's discretion until an official bug bounty program is deployed. Rewards are expected to be between $100-$900 USD worth of select cryptocurrencies for Testnet v1.0.


We are currently not rewarding Petals Tensor bugs until later testnet versions are released. Petals Tensor is still in development with limited testing.

Core Contributor

Want to become a core contributor and have experience with LibP2P or Substrate? Contact us through Discord.

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